SDWAN Solutions: Providing Tailor-Made SD-WAN Solutions designed to suit your business

SDWAN Solutions: Providing Tailor-Made SD-WAN Solutions designed to suit your business

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Anthony Senter, CEO, SDWAN SolutionsAnthony Senter, CEO
Starting your SD-WAN journey can be a daunting, confusing and time-consuming exercise due to the many providers creating ‘vendor noise’ and offering conflicting or even incorrect advice. SDWAN Solutions™ cuts through the noise with fully tailored, true SD-WAN solution design via its unique, modular SDWAN of THINGS™ - over 30 products and services centered around every aspect of an enterprises’ SD-WAN journey, from initial project investigation and planning, right through to repair and recovery of existing solutions. And as the SDWAN Solutions™ CEO and CTO are the UK’s only MEF SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts (SMEs, of which there are only 12 globally) their customers are in the safest of hands.

SDWAN Solutions™ - an award-winning company with 5 world-first innovations to their name, has been 100% focused on SD-WAN since before SD-WAN was ‘a thing’. The company is entirely vendor neutral, currently partnering with 5 of the top global SD-Wan vendors and thousands of connectivity providers, to tailor solutions to suit individual requirements.

CEO, Anthony Senter says, “Clients explain to us what applications they use and what business needs they have and SDWAN Solutions™ presents a fully tailored solution to best satisfy their needs, now and in the future.”

SDWAN Solutions™ further enforces their reputation as the Trusted Experts In All Things SD-WAN, with their SDWAN of THINGS™ broad product suite which offers five core services including: tailored SD-WAN design, infrastructure and implementation, cloud integration, consultation and ASSIST - the world’s first 100% online SD-WAN solution scoping and design tool. The simple ASSIST tool questionnaire returns a full SD-WAN solution design including vendor alignment, connectivity, design diagrams and full quotation in just 7 days.

SD-WAN technology is a solid and affordable network foundation that can be tailored for companies of all sizes, geographies and for all industries – no business need miss out on the substantial benefits that a correctly designed SD-WAN solution delivers

The fifth core service, SDWAN 1-2-3, is aimed at retail stores, hospitality, franchises and IoT users, and delivers a complete SD-WAN network starting at under £100 per site, per month – less than 1/3 of an equivalent MPLS network cost.

Their unrivalled skill and extensive knowledge also delivers huge value. Recently, a global system integrator working on the IT infrastructure for one of the world’s largest news distribution companies ran into infrastructure problems with an SD-WAN deployment, so they turned to SDWAN Solutions™. Within two weeks SDWAN Solutions™ identified and fixed flaws to the initial design and network overlay and underlay. They also successfully conducted a proof of concept (POC) and test pilot between key locations, preventing a project penalty payment of over 1 million U.S. dollars.

This case study highlights the complexity of software-defined network deployments and how SDWAN Solutions™ accumulated experience in research and deployment of SD-WAN solved problems for a large enterprise firms. The company keeps extensive records of previous WAN deployments, including reports of common mistakes and errors, armed with that knowledge and over 25 industry certifications, the company helps clients avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes in upcoming projects.

SDWAN Solutions™ encourages solution co-management, enabling enterprise staff to make minor changes themselves, calling on SDWAN Solutions™ to assist when necessary. Their solutions underpin and future-proof digital transformation with their ongoing solution re-tech, keeping solution technologies as advanced as possible throughout the contract lifetime. With HQ’s in London and Brussels, SDWAN Solutions™ provides quality global solutions from the UK and Europe. They also fully intend to keep on cutting through the vendor noise with their consultative tailored approach to all things SD-WAN.
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SDWAN Solutions

SDWAN Solutions

London, UK

Anthony Senter, CEO

SDWAN Solutions brings together industry experts, the latest technologies, connectivity providers, SD-WAN vendors and engineering teams to successfully transform their clients' core infrastructure, with over two decades of hands on experience in their relevant fields. With SDWAN Solutions, one wouldn't need to be an expert in emerging network technologies spending months researching and meeting with dozens of suppliers. The company will do the groundwork for its clients, pushing the technologies to the limits by selecting only the best in class SD-WAN vendors to work with