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Adista: Optimizing Network Performance

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Patrice Bélie, CEO, AdistaOlivier Grosjeanne, CTO
At the core of every great enterprise application is a robust network that can redefine communication and deliver seamless connectivity. However, most of the CIOs consider the network as the least agile component as opposed to other information and communication systems. This is because configuring a network infrastructure is a tedious and expensive process. Besides, as organizations today are increasingly adopting SaaS and public cloud solutions, networking professionals are quickly realizing that traditional router-centric WANs were never architected for the cloud. As a result, they are forced to rethink their private networks of interconnection. What businesses need today is a unique platform that optimizes application performance, overcomes bandwidth consumption issues and guarantees a perfect user experience through intelligent management of flows, while keeping in check telecom budgets.

This is precisely where Adista comes in with its groundbreaking software-defined WAN offering—SoFlex.

Adista is a renowned hosted service provider focused on connectivity, IT and integration services throughout France. Its strength lies in the ability to combine the expertise of a host, telecom operator and specialist in corporate computing. “We deploy networks, migrate IT resources to hybrid environments, develop applications and provide continuous services including hosting, SaaS and operations services,” says Olivier Grosjeanne, CTO of Adista.

Powered by Versa Networks, a core technology engine, Adista’s SoFlex provides software intelligence that combines software-defined network (SDN), software-defined security and network function virtualization (NFV) to deliver enhanced application and network performance. Integrated with enterprise-class delivery services, an internal automation framework and third-party solutions, SoFlex gives customers agility and smart control over the networks.
Unlike other hybrid WAN solutions, SoFlex can be centrally deployed on a smart edge. Through centralized management, network professionals get clear-cut visibility into the network. The network administrator can manage the network with ease from the SoWAD box, the Adista’s CPE, without requiring advanced technical skills.

At every customer’s site, Adista deploys a SoWAD box, single hardware equipment that unites all the network functions from routing, automatic switch to backup link and security. SoFlex uses the NFV concept to virtualize network and security services and functions. This approach makes it possible to deploy any new service remotely, without physical intervention on site, at any point in the network. Further, SoFlex combines complementary telecom access into the customer’s network, allowing organizations to enhance bandwidth and application performance, resulting in improved user experience, increased business productivity and reduced costs for IT.

Adista‘s other solutions are centred on managed IT services, hosted in their Data Centers, and seamlessly supported by smart connectivity, SDWAN leverages capabilities and performances of various media : xDSL, Fiber, Satellite and 4G). The company also developed solutions in modern workplace area that enable voice convergence between a fixed line, mobile line and software line. Adista also offers unique services to improve the business landscape through digital transformation enablers. In a nutshell, Adista acts as an adhesive and brings all the solutions into a perfect amalgamation to ensure the best possible end-user experience.

Over the years, Adista has built a stellar reputation with many clients across the country by providing high-value services. Grosjeanne cites a scenario where a major enterprise had a legacy MPLS network, which proved to be a complex and expensive affair. Adista’s solutions were deployed on the client’s existing infrastructure, which helped them to improve user experience, reduce the cost involved in moving critical sites and provide better connectivity.

With a wide range of services and able leadership, Adista is steering ahead to incorporate newer energy paradigms into its offerings. Moving forward, the company aims at expanding its automation framework into areas such as the modern workplace, IT as a service, connectivity and digital land. “We are continuing to innovate our automation framework, as the aim is to provide quick and efficient services to our customers and also give them the control of enterprise operations, without any compromise on security nor quality” concludes Grosjeanne.